The 15 Most Dangerous Ski Runs in the World

From free falls to ice, rocky walls and scary vertical jumps, some ski runs are best left to the best of the best.

Adventurous people often find different ways to push their limits. Skiers are likely to head for dangerous and steep slopes for an intense rush of adrenaline. A problem arises when they disregard potential risks and don’t realistically assess their skills for certain sinister runs. If you thought hardcore skiing meant jumping off a helicopter down a hill, you may want to reconsider. The thrill of skiing down these runs can make anyone bold, crazy, or both.


Corbet’s Couloir, Wyoming

The 10,450-foot-high, double-diamond ski run has been described as “America’s scariest ski slope.” It’s on the bucket lists of many expert skiers but just looking at it is intimidating. There are two spots where you can enter and both spots will have you free-falling immediately. The first option is a 10- to 15-foot drop — you’ll be close to a lot of rocks if you don’t make a sharp turn upon landing. The second option is generally clear of rocks but the drop is usually at least 20 feet, depending on snowfall. The pitch is 50 degrees where you land so you’ll be going very fast.


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