Make Putting More Enjoyable. By a Former Hater of Putting

It’s one of the things we practice the least.  And one of the biggest impacts to a golf game if done well.

Ask the Open Champion, Zach Johnson, how important putting was during that four-hole playoff.  Better yet, ask the two guys that didn’t win.  Mark Leishman three-putted his way out of contention and Louis Oosthuizen missed putts on 17 and 18 that would have extended the playoff.

Or you can ask me.  Two rounds ago I could have carded a relatively satisfying 84.  But due to five (FIVE!) three-putts, it turned into an aggravating 89.  By simply turning those three-putts into ho-hum two-putts, I could have shaved five strokes off my score.

Not to mention my two brothers won’t shut up about it.

Following that woeful performance with the flat-stick, I set out to find some of the top putting products and training aids on the market.

A Musician Never Blames His Instrument

The first thing I did, naturally, was blame the putter itself.  But, I love my putter.  That meant the grip was clearly the problem.  Okay, probably not, but I couldn’t just blame myself!

In all seriousness, I knew part of my putting issue was because I was squeezing the club a bit.  So going into my grip search, my only requirement was that it be oversized.  The problem was after testing a few of the Super Strokes and Winn grips, I couldn’t get over the feeling that I was putting with a Pringles can or an empty paper towel tube in my hands.  I just couldn’t get comfortable with any of them.

The Forward Golf Putter Grip

Then I came across a putter grip from a company called Forward Golf.  Forward Golf has designed an oversized putter grip that simply fits in your hands more naturally than other oversized grips.

Tupper Putter Grip Review Golficity

The grip is in a kind of rounded V-shape, naturally placing your thumbs on the front of the grip and aligning your hands properly.  This shape promotes a proper putting set-up by creating a natural triangle from your shoulders through your arms and to your hands.  It makes it very obvious if you are twisting or flipping your wrists while you putt.  Simply put, the Forward Golf grip gives me that “feel” I’ve been looking for while keeping my hands nice and relaxed.

And wouldn’t you know it, my first round with the new Forward Golf grip resulted in zero (ZERO!) three-putts.

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