Finding the Easiest Driver to Hit

To make your way through a golf course, you’ll find yourself using a variety of different clubs. They are all designed differently to produce unique results.

Some are easy to hit and control while others can prove to be a problem.

Both novice and experienced golfers alike usually find that drivers are the most difficult to hit. In fact, it’s not uncommon for golfers to dread taking it out of their supply, as the unique build of the club tends to throw off their swing.

When it comes to drivers, there’s not a universally perfect model for everyone. The lack of a novice option requires golfers to choose their driver strategically. Minute differences in design can make a difference in how you use it. Understanding what makes a driver difficult to use will allow you to find an option that is easy for you to hit.

The Length of the Shaft

The length of the shaft is something that is easier to notice. You should go with shorter shafts if you are a beginner. Longer options get in the way and require you to shift your position back.

Shorter drivers are perfect for virtually any golfer, but it’s especially handy to those who don’t necessarily have the most stable swing. Look for drivers with shafts that are labeled short or standard.

The Flexibility of the Shaft

flexible shaftShaft flexibility works in tandem with loft to drive your ball up and out. Many golfers automatically go with stiff drivers. However, this usually only hinders their performance.

A mid-flex option is great. It has enough movement to push your ball further. You can even go with a senior flex shaft for more control.

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