Details Beginning To Emerge About Woods-Mickelson Showdown

Now that the Ryder Cup is over, we have entered the part of the year where golf is moving slowly with the absence of a major event to get excited about.

That looks like it’s going to change, however, with the upcoming match play showdown that’s now locked in between two of golf’s biggest legends.

After months of speculation, a few weeks ago Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods finally agreed to face off in a match play event that will see both men place healthy bets on the match to make it interesting. Outside of the announcement that it would happen though, there weren’t many other details available.

The specifics are starting to trickle out now though with more information being announced on Thursday.

We have known that the event will be on pay-per-view but the official price has finally been released at $19.99. That’s a lot less than I ever expected it to be since the UFC charges up to $100 for their PPV events regularly, so this might entice more people to tune in.

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