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7 Pieces of Bad Relationship Advice You Should Never Follow

3. “Demand that your partner is romantic!”

Psychologists claim that there’s a certain romantic period in any relationship that commonly passes after some time. Partners can’t live forever like they’re in a romantic comedy, going crazy when they see each other.

That’s why you can’t demand that your partner is in the honeymoon phase of your relationship all the time. Every relationship has different phases of development, each with its own advantages.

4. “Stay quiet. Don’t make it worse.”

It’s almost impossible to avoid conflict in a relationship. However, it is better to resolve conflicts when they occur. You shouldn’t suppress your feelings and wait until they break out one day because this will cause more damage to the marriage. Don’t play the victim card. Discuss your feelings with your partner instead. cool stuff for guys cool stuff to buy cool stuff for kids cool stuff for girls

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