7 Deadly Mistakes You Are Making at the Range

If you’ve ever been to a PGA TOUR event, you’re probably familiar with how well those guys can hit the ball on the range.  It is often hard to find someone on the range who isn’t putting on a stripe-show.

And if you’ve ever been to your local driving range, the story changes.

All of a sudden, you see golfers skying their drivers, slicing balls out of the range, and several other shots that you didn’t know were possible.  It’s far from pretty.

If only you could look like the pros…

In this post, I will be going through 7 of the most common mistakes that golfers make while at the range.  I believe that by eliminating these from your practice sessions, you will spend a lot less time shaking your head, and a lot more time hitting quality golf shots.  Let me know what you think in the comments!

#1 – Not Using any Feedback

The number one mistake that a golfer can make at the range is not using any form of feedback. They go to the range after watching some YouTube videos, excited to implement the advice given to them. Then, they spend an hour at the range trying to work on that one thing. Unfortunately, by the end of the session, the golfer has gotten worse, because what we feel is often drastically different from what is real.

What you think you are working on is most likely not what you are actually working on.

That is why we need some sort of feedback, which allows us to verify that we are actually improving our golf game.

The forms of feedback are as follows:

  • Video (truest form)
  • Swing Coach (unless your swing coach has no idea what he/she is talking about)
  • Training aids (still a good idea to use video to ensure you are using the training aids correctly)
  • Alignment sticks (the most essential training aid)

If you have no clue how to video your swing, how to find a swing coach, or how to identify the right training aids for you, I suggest doing some research online, or talking to a knowledgeable pro in your area. Also, I have written a short post on how to analyze your own swing on video for those interested.

It might sound intimidating at first, but I can assure you that you are wasting your timewithout some form of feedback (assuming your goal is to improve your game).

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