6 Ways to Tune Up Your Smartphone That Won’t Cost You Anything

5. Making a stylus for your phone

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Styluses for smartphones are not as popular as they used to be, however, there are still certain situations where we really need them. For example, if you like to draw pictures on your phone or tablet but your fingers don’t fit perfectly. A stylus might be a bit expensive, though, so there is a perfect wayto easily make it yourself. All you need to do is roll an ordinary pen into aluminum foil, and press the edges tightly. Easy! Don’t be afraid: it won’t scratch your display.

6. Pumping up the volume of your phone

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Do you love listening to music in the shower, but the volume on your phone is just not loud enough to hear over the noise of the water? Well, it’s a common problem, and there’s no need to consider buying an expensive amplifier for your smartphone. There is a really easy way to pump up the volume. You need just one thing: a glass. An empty glass, to be precise. The next time you need better volume, just put your phone in a glass. The problem is solved.

Do you prefer DIY hacks when tuning up your devices, or are you keener on buying stuff to improve performance? Share with us!

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