6 Ways to Tune Up Your Smartphone That Won’t Cost You Anything

3. Making a joystick for your phone

Ever wanted a joystick to get a better experience when playing games on your phone? Well, it’s really possible, and, moreover, it will cost you nothing. First, cut a plastic bottle into 2 pieces with a craft knife. Then use scissors to cut a strip 4-6 inches long from around the bottle. Get a small piece of sponge, and wrap it in aluminum foil to make a small ball. Glue the tip of the plastic strip to the foil ball, and then glue the end and other parts of the strip to get a round shape and make it strong. Get 2 rubber bands, attach them to your circle (as shown in the picture), and put them together. Then just put this on your phone, turn on a game, and use it as a joystick. Enjoy! cool stuff to buy cool stuff to draw cool stuff for kids cool stuff for guys

4. Taking close-up photos on your phone

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Do you want to take close-up photos on your phone, but your camera doesn’t allow this? An expensive macro effect lens can be a way out, of course. But isn’t it better to spend a few minutes and create oneon your own? You’ll just need to find an old laser pointer, which has a focusing lens glued inside it. Remove it, hold it with a hairpin, and then attach it to your smartphone. The effect is incredible!

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