5 Things Every Golf Man Cave Needs

What golf enthusiast wouldn’t want to turn a special room in their home or office into the ultimate golfer’s playhouse?  A room where you can close the door, not worry about tee-times, fill your glass up with your favorite beverage and step up to the first tee at Pebble Beach without ever setting foot an airplane. That’s right, we’re talking about the ultimate golf man cave.

The cold weather golfers out there are always forced to stow away their gear and patiently wait 4-5 months before getting back to the sport they love.  Sure we can fight to find last minute tee-time indoors at the local golf simulator in town which still forces you to battle the cold to get there but instead we’re hoping this article inspires you to pursue your passion for a true links-style man cave, a room we all would love to have and you cannot deny that.

Imagine a room in your home that you can slip into early before work or after the family is asleep for a quick 9 holes?  Instead of poker or bowling night with your friends, it’s a round of 18 and some cold ones at your place.

Chances are you’ve seen the countless photos on social media of golf man caves built by everyone from the average-Joe golfer to the wealthy PGA pros.  These guys have this secret paradise built into their own homes and believe us, you can rise to the top of your social ladder with one of these rooms.  So, it’s time to clean out that unused room in the basement or the unused indoor garage that is holding storage.  It’s time to make history and become an epic friend to all of your golf buddies.

Warning: We do not provide marriage counseling for the brave souls who run with this idea.

Here are the necessities with some add-ons to help guide you on the right path to golf freedom:

The Simulator


We’re not going to go into too much detail on how to actually build your in-home golf simulator here simply because we covered that topic in a recent step-by-step article on how to build an indoor golf simulator for under $2000.  

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