20 Borderline Genius And Amazing DIY Ideas For Repurposing Five Gallon Buckets

Repurposing makes so much sense. Instead of throwing things out that you no longer use, you can just turn them into something that you do use. These five gallon bucket repurposing ideas definitely give you something that you can use. If you love gardening, this project list is for you. There are tons of ways that you can turn those old buckets into things that you can use for your garden, including a great protective device that keeps rabbits and other critters from eating your plants.

Repurposed Bucket Swing

Repurposed Bucket SwingHow adorable is this toddler swing that you can make from a five gallon bucket? If you have a little one, this is perfect for giving them some outside play time. You can use this on your regular swing set if you don’t have a toddler swing on it or just hang it from a tree limb. You just need a five gallon bucket and some heavy rope to make it.

Tutorial: instructables

Easy DIY Birdhouse

Easy DIY BirdhouseTurn that empty five gallon bucket into this adorable little birdhouse! This looks like a lighthouse, which I love and it is really easy to make. Your birds are going to love all of the space that they have in their new birdhouse and you will love how decorative this is when it’s finished. You can of course, do any design or theme that you want. You could even paint it to look like a lighthouse to add a nice coastal look to your outdoors.

Tutorial: blueroofcabin

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