15 Things No One Tells You Before Getting a Dog

6. They Become Poop Machines on Walks

If you’re going out for a walk with your dog you might feel safe with a poop bag or two. I suggest taking five. Every day I walk Laika around the yard for 10 minutes before our walk, trying to get her to poop before our walk. It doesn’t work, it never works (why I keep trying is beyond me). But as soon as we’re 100 feet down the street it’s go time.

7. They’re Sloppy Around the Food Bowl

There’s a reason people place rubber mats under their dog’s water dish – dogs are sloppy. Not every dog is a complete mess with food & water, but it’s certainly not uncommon. Laika’s neat with her food, but a complete slob with water. I can tell by the 30 foot trail of dribble she leaves behind.

8. Dog Feet Smell Like Corn Chips

Smell your dog’s feet. No seriously, go do it. Do they smell like corn chips or popcorn? If so don’t worry, it’s just “frito feet” and it’s completely normal (as I said, dogs are weird). Our dogs sweat through their paws, and the bacteria that collects lets off a corn chip type smell. I find it endearing (don’t judge), but if you’re not a fan you can wash your dogs paws when they start smelling like corn chips.

9. They Lick Their Genitals All The Time

Having family over for dinner? Get ready for your dog to pop down in front of everyone and start licking their genitals. Quite a conversation starter, isn’t it? Although a bit awkward, moderate genital licking is considered normal grooming behavior. (If your dog is licking more than normal take a trip to the vet to rule out any medical issues)

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