15 Things No One Tells You Before Getting a Dog

f you’ve been around dogs your whole life you already know how weird they are are. But if you’re new to the world of being a dog owner there’s a few things that will surprise you. Here’s some of the weird things no one tells you before getting a dog.

1. Dogs Eat Their Own Vomit

After your dog throws up be sure to clean it up right away. If not you’ll get to witness the joy that is watching your dog eat their own vomit. Eating vomit for dogs isn’t weird or gross; it’s natural behavior. Dog moms regurgitate food for their pups to help them get used to eating solid foods. When dogs see vomit they don’t think ‘eww, that’s gross,’ they smell food. cool stuff for guys cool stuff to buy cool stuff for kids cool stuff for girls

2. They Go Insane After a Bath

Bathing your dog is going to be part of your normal routine, but there’s nothing routine about what happen to dog afterwards. Be warned; dogs go crazy after a bath. Not in an aggressive or scary way, but in a running around the house and jumping on all of the things sort of way. It’s called the zoomies, and it’s a way for dogs to get rid of pent up energy. If your dog gets the zoomies after a bath don’t panic; it’s normal (dogs are weird). cool stuff for guys cool stuff to buy cool stuff for kids cool stuff for girls

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