15 Miter Saw Tips Every DIYer Should Master

For the serious DIY enthusiasts, the miter saw is undoubtedly one of the greatest and the most useful tools. It’s a large, specialized machine that can be used for a number of different things – with its sliding blade, this tool can cut just about anything. The most significant benefit of it is the fact that both its base and the blade can be angled, which is something that makes complicated cuts a lot easier to execute. Few tools can match its portability and quick setup! woodworking tips youtube woodworking tips and techniques

At first glance, using this machine appears to be very simple – you just turn it on and do the cutting. But, in order to get excellent results, one has to master the technique and learn all those little tricks that will make him the miter saw professional. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at 15 miter saw tips and tricks that will help you use the this machine in a proper and a productive way – read on! woodworking tips youtube woodworking tips and techniques

#1 – The Safety Precautions

Those operating the power tools should always use the safety equipment – it should be present on them at all times. If you have ever visited a woodworking factory in your life, you’ve probably seen a sign with this inscription somewhere in the facility. As you can already guess, the purpose of that sign indeed isn’t decoration. It’s there to remind the workers that using power tools, such as the miter saw, is not a joke, and can be quite hazardous if you’re not wearing the necessary safety equipment. woodworking tips youtube woodworking tips and techniques

Many companies even have penalties for the power tool operators that don’t obey the rules. Machines like the miter saw can easily injure a person that’s unwise enough not to take this tool seriously. That’s why it’s of the highest importance to always carry the safety equipmentwhen working with a miter saw – and that includes things like gloves, headgear, and earplugs. woodworking tips youtube woodworking tips and techniques

#2 – The Proper Maintenance

The second essential tip for using a miter saw is to always perform regular maintenance on it. The thing that you’re probably thinking now is – this has something to do with safety again, right? Well, yes, it does. As you can already guess, the improper maintenance is sure to lead to malfunction. And you certainly don’t want the miter saw to malfunction while you’re using it! woodworking tips youtube woodworking tips and techniques

Things like broken parts and dull blades can leave one with serious, possibly life-threatening injuries. In order to prevent these things from happening, you’ll have to maintain your routine of replacing broken parts and lubricating them from time to time. In this way, your machine will be reliable, and you won’t have to worry about injuries while operating it. woodworking tips youtube woodworking tips and techniques

#3 – Tuning Up the Saw

Every time you purchase a new saw, you will have to check its accuracy. Even though the saws are set at the factory that constructed them, they can still come out of adjustment while they’re being shipped. One should also check the accuracy if he experiences kickbacks (which occur when you hit a knot in the material, and the device kicks back) – that’s a great time to check the tool. woodworking tips youtube woodworking tips and techniques

Another good practice is checking the miter saw at least a few times during the year, as it can come out of adjustment if it’s used regularly. A word of advice – when tuning up this power tool, you’ll have to make sure that the fence is square to the blade and that the blade is square to the table. woodworking tips youtube woodworking tips and techniques

Miter tuning up woodworking tips youtube woodworking tips and techniques

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