10 Genius Gardening Life-Hacks Both You and Your Plants will Love

For some people, their gardens become their babies. Planting your own veggies not only saves you money in terms of grocery shopping, but it’s also so very satisfying to see your crops grow and flourish. Plus, food always tastes better when you’ve grown it yourself!

As with everything, there are some really helpful topic-specific hacks when it comes to gardening that can not only save you some cash, but just make things a little bit easier on both you and your plants.

Whether you’re making labels, protecting your plants from harsh conditions or pests, or planning ahead to make the most of your space, we’ve got the hacks to help you out.


1. DIY Measuring Stick

A tool with a longish handle, like a shovel, can make for a handy measuring stick that will always be in the vicinity when you need it. Just lay a measuring tape against the handle and make the appropriate markings.

2. Reuse or Make Your Own Labels

Don’t waste money by tossing old labels – reuse them! Permanent marker can be scratched off with sandpaper, so you can keep reusing your labels for the foreseeable future. If you’re just starting out then you can make your own labels from a cut up plastic cup, broken tiles or stones.

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